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As we commemorate Eid al-Fitr in the year 1445 of the Islamic calendar, let us embrace the timeless teachings of faith, gratitude, and unity that define this sacred festival. May Eid al-Fitr serve as a source of inspiration for Muslims worldwide to strive for spiritual growth, cultivate gratitude, and extend compassion to all members of the human family. In the spirit of Eid al-Fitr, let us reaffirm our commitment to building a more compassionate, inclusive, and harmonious world for generations to come. Eid Mubarak!

This marks the beginning of the month of Dhul Hijjah, the twelfth and final month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Dhul Hijjah is a sacred month for Muslims, as it contains the days of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, and the days of 'Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice.

Salam Brothers, Afgan sisters and brothers are organizing this event with help from Christian friends who helped them to settle in Eugene. They celebrate world refugee day and this year they embrace Afgan culture with showcasing their food, music and their journey to the US. Please make sure to sign up if you are planning to experience and celebrate Afgan culture. Thank you

Fundraising Activities

At the Eugene Islamic Center, we believe in the power of fundraising to create positive change within our community and beyond. Our fundraising activities aim to foster unity, support worthy causes, and promote the teachings and principles of Islam.

By participating in our fundraising activities, you contribute to projects and initiatives that align with the values and teachings of Islam, helping to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities in need. Here are some of the fundraising activities we organize:

  1. Charity Dinner: Organize a charity dinner event where community members come together to enjoy a delicious meal while supporting a worthy cause. Offer a variety of food options, including traditional Islamic cuisine, and provide entertainment such as guest speakers, cultural performances, or auctions to raise funds.

  2. Fun Run/Walk: Host a community fun run or walk event, where participants can raise funds by collecting pledges from friends, family, and community members. Create a route in a scenic location and offer prizes or certificates to participants who reach fundraising milestones.

  3. Bake Sale: Organize a bake sale featuring homemade treats prepared by community members. Include a variety of sweet and savory items, such as cookies, cakes, pies, and traditional Middle Eastern pastries. Advertise the sale within the community and set up a booth at a local event or market.

  4. Online Crowdfunding: Create an online crowdfunding campaign to reach a wider audience and allow individuals to contribute to the cause conveniently. Share the campaign through social media, email newsletters, and community websites to maximize exposure and encourage donations.

  5. Arts and Crafts Fair: Host an arts and crafts fair where local artists, artisans, and community members can showcase and sell their handmade products. Offer a variety of items, such as artwork, jewelry, pottery, textiles, and Islamic calligraphy. Allocate a portion of the proceeds as donations to the Eugene Islamic Center.

  6. Talent Show: Organize a community talent show where individuals can showcase their talents, including singing, dancing, poetry recitation, or comedy performances. Sell tickets to the event and allocate the proceeds towards fundraising initiatives.

  7. Sports Tournament: Arrange a sports tournament, such as a soccer, basketball, or volleyball competition, and invite teams from the community to participate. Charge an entry fee for teams and spectators, and provide concessions or merchandise sales to raise additional funds.